Our Services

Our Services

There is no one system that is best for all people and for all types of property.

The one common element amongst all our vendors is that they want to achieve the best price.Some have very specific time requirements to sell; others don't mind how long it takes. Some want little publicity; others believe their property should have maximum exposure via advertising and marketing.

The types of market also differ. Some areas are chronically short of properties listed for sale - effective marketing brings out a range of interested buyers who must compete to buy the property they're interested in. Other areas are different. Often they have plenty of properties for sale, but relatively fewer buyers.

The type of home also influences the best method of sale. Some homes have appeal to potential buyers who may not even be actively looking to buy. Some will draw buyers from all parts of the country, or even from overseas. Other homes are more likely to be attractive to local buyers.

There are many different circumstances and influences. Our role is to present the choices to you, advise which method best suits your property and current market conditions and then you decide on the way you want to sell your property. Once the decision is made we get to work.

Private Sale

This is when you select one agency to be responsible to you. You will expect the agent to act in your best interests and to do everything possible to secure the best price for the property. The agent will suggest a number of ways of maximising interest in your property. Your home goes onto the market with a predetermined asking price agreed between you and your agent, based on market analysis. Potential buyers will either accept the price, or more likely, start by making an offer. It is in your best interests to have your agent handle the negotiations. This method of sale is effective in the long term, and targets buyers who just want to view homes in their price range.


This is presenting a property to the market without a vendor's price. Auctions are highly focussed marketing campaigns designed to expose your property to the maximum number of buyers, maximise your sale price, and minimise the number of days your home is on the market. Your home is put up for sale on a specified date and that is preceded by an intensive marketing campaign and selected 'open home' days. The contract of sale is on your terms and the conditions of the sale are predetermined. This method of sale puts a clear time frame on your campaign and creates a competitive atmosphere on auction day, aimed at achieving the highest possible price for your home.

Peace of Mind for your Investment Property

Chambers Real Estate ( VIC ) Pty Ltd has been leasing properties in Melbourne's Inner City for over 17 years. Our professional experience enables us to manage residential property with the utmost of care. We aim to get the job right, the first time, every time!

Let Us Do the Work For You

In terms of leasing your property, our dedicated Business Development Manager, who is also a company Director, is a proactive rental market specialist ensuring that each property receives personalised attention. We proactively market each property with proven strategies attracting the widest audience and minimising vacancy time.

Highly systemised, our department structure is designed to maximise the professional service levels by offering specialist roles in business development and leasing; property managers; accountant and administrative staff to maintain your property's management needs. We aim to exceed our own high levels of service.

Committed to continuous improvement, we ensure that professional training and personal growth is a priority for our team. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience provides an ongoing benefit to our clients. 'Career' Property Managers, we are a passionate and enthusiastic team who thrive on the challenge that Property Management offers on a day to day basis.

Should you be interested in leasing your property, contact our Property Management Department any time on 03 9489 9888 to discuss your needs.

Development Advice

The development industry is an area we have been extensively involved in over many years. Our experience has taught us many of the market indicators necessary to guide each project through the potential minefields from concept to completion. Our large web of buyers and members of the business community can greatly enhance your potential to pre-sell or pre-lease the development to help minimise the potential risks you may take on. This same knowledge base and experience also makes us experts in preparing and selling existing development sites.

How To Find A Good Investment Property

The idea of owning rental real estate seems to be gaining popularity as investors tire of the swoops and swoons of the stock market. Not everyone has what it takes to be a landlord. But those who do may find rentals to be a good way to build wealth.

Once you've made the decision to buy rental property, your real work begins. Finding a profitable rental property usually takes time, connections and plenty of research.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

Know your time horizon
As with any other investment, you should have a good idea how long you plan to own a rental property before you buy it.

The longer you plan to own the property, the more you'll probably need to invest in maintenance, repairs and improvements.

Get your finances in shape

The better your credit, and the less credit card and other consumer debt you have, the better your prospects for getting a decent loan.

Landlords say it also pays to have a substantial cash reserve left over after buying a property.

This can help pay for unexpected repairs and vacancies. Although there are few rules of thumb, setting aside at least one month's rent for each unit is a good start.

You also should make sure you can save enough for retirement and other goals before investing in rental real estate. While rental income can supplement your retirement kitty, most people shouldn't count on it to replace other investments or allow themselves to be entirely exposed to the whims of the local real estate market. Rents and property values can fall as well as rise, and those who are adequately diversified with investments in stocks, bonds and cash will be better able to endure the bad times as well as the good.

Avoid overpaying

The rental real estate market is generally tougher on investors who overpay than on homeowners who do the same thing, several landlords said. While a home is often an emotional purchase, which can lead to "I must have it!" offers and bidding wars, most landlords look strictly at the numbers to see if their investments will pay off.

Commercial Sales

Although our main business is Residential Sales, we have been involved in many Commercial negotiations for established clients. We pride ourselves in the depth of knowledge we have acquired in handling Commercial Sales. We've monitored every market pattern over the years so we can determine the best sales strategy to suit your requirements. As auctioneers, we create entertaining, emotionally engaging theatre, and our consistent high sales results speak for themselves.

Commercial Leasing

Chambers Commercial will do everything to protect you when it comes to negotiating lease terms to secure your financial interest. From finding the perfect Commercial or Industrial tenant to providing all the information you need to sign the lease. At Chambers we provide qualified personnel to work through every step meticulously to ensure the process is free of any restrictions or complications that may arise in the future.

Attention to Detail

There are many specific details that can make the difference between success and failure in the Real Estate game.

We base our judgements on years of experience dealing with individual properties and we use whatever methods are best in the particular circumstances.

It is this attention to detail in tailoring our efforts to suit the individual property that has enabled us to operate successfully in all suburbs.

Quality Not Numbers

Quality service for every client and sound advice is what we aim to provide at all times at Chambers Real Estate. We see no value in aiming to be the biggest. Real Estate it's not just numbers.

Our aim is to link people together and through client service that is truly superior, help you achieve your goals.

Personal Service For You

The individual agent from Chambers Real Estate who appraises your property will be managing it from that day forward. He or she will be your first point of contact and they will keep in touch regularly.

Your property will not be passed on to a junior person or a faceless executive whom you do not know.

Once appointed, your Chambers Agent will provide you with:

- personal service all the way through

- full details of progress

- sound advise on any issues that arise

- all the relevant information

- co-ordination of a marketing campaign

- briefing for advertising and publicity or preparing your advertising in consultation with a qualified copywriter

- negotiating on your behalf with prospective buyers

COMPLIMENTARY: Your Chambers Agent can also supply

- advice on property presentation/contact with specialists on property presentation

- free buyers advocacy if you are in the market to buy

- negotiation advice

- market appraisals and statistical reports

- impartial advice on competitive appraisals